6 Reasons to Adopt LeadsRain Web Based Phone Dialer

Jay T
3 min readAug 6, 2019


You don’t survive if you don’t adapt!

This is the underlying thought guiding the intensely competitive world of business today. This is especially true in Contact Centers and Lead Generation Centers since the window to reach client is very limited.

Previously the dialing was done by integrating a softphone and the contact center software or dialer. This method although sturdy and cutting edge back then was tiresome and lengthy since multiple logins where required, not to mention the integration and technical hassles throughout the process.

We believe in always striving for perfection and constantly trying to provide the best tools to our customers. So when a new technology emerged that allowed browsers to have all functions of a standalone contact center software, we seized the opportunity.

We have perfected our web phone dialer to provide the best and seamless experience to our clients on any device. Our browser based dialer offers a true edge to efficiently serve your clients.

1) It is Lean!

When we say lean, we mean it! LeadsRain web based dialer only requires a stable internet connection and a browser! It works on all the leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It even functions without a hitch in Internet Explorer! A browser predominantly infamous for its lags and sluggishness!

2) Installation

We eliminated this step entirely! Our users do not have to install even a single software or plugin. A typical softphone needs to be installed and properly configured before the calling starts.

3) Single Login

You only have to log into your LeadsRain account unlike previously where an additional login in soft phone was also required.

4) Maintenance

A direct benefit of having a web based auto dialer is that it eliminates the maintenance on the floor as all the maintenance is taken care of by us directly on the server.

5) Plug & Play

Enjoy truly instant calling by just logging into LeadsRain account anywhere and everywhere.

6) Backup & Security

Cloud Based dialer removes the need to back up data in case of a system crash. Moving data to the cloud also means adding a layer of security to your data.

How do these features help you grow your business?

Yes the features are great but what practical purpose do they serve? Does it in any way affect your business?

Our answer is yes! Definitely yes!

And why are we so confident?

It’s because of all the love shown by our clients who switched to LeadsRain’s browser based phone, here are the three most improved areas that our customers reported!


Our smart algorithm segregates calls responded by a human to connect with the agent to maximize the agent’s contact time.

Cloud based dialer coupled with all the benefits of a predictive dialer saves a lot of time for the agent to focus on what they are best at — engaging in conversations!

Better Returns

Almost every cloud based service is inherently blessed with better economic benefits since the need for a dedicated infrastructure is no longer required. You only pay for the calls you make and get zero maintenance and almost zero downtime. I don’t think you can get a better deal than this!


One big benefit of managing your campaign in a single place is the ability to monitor and measure. Having data to fallback on and metrics to set a realistic vision for future campaigns will help you grow and expand as a business.

Final thoughts

Make the jump, trust me! You would be blown away by how simple it is to run a campaign on our portal. Go and try for yourself the wonders of our web-based dialer with free trial of 100 minutes!



Jay T

Jay is a backbone of Leadsrain, being a CEO and co-founder, he has always proved to be the robust domain person. Being an integral part of the company.