How to Choose Right Auto Dialer for your Campaign?

Jay T
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Let’s have some fun exercise for the business.

For instance, you want to let a group of friends know about something upcoming right away, what will you look for first?

LeadsRain Auto Dialer

Where is your phone?

If you are reading this then I presume, you are a marketer. It implies that you are always looking for an opportunity. Spreading the word and reaching a set of people clicks the first choice to do is to call and let them know. Yes, do that. It has been 146 years that the telephone took birth, and since then, it has just evolved not replaced.

Having multiple zeros in the list of several leads is a good thing for a business to collect. However, it’s also a lengthy process when thinking about talking to each of them. We understand that difficulty, as we have been in this direct marketing battlefield since ages. Moreover, over a decade of experience, has nurtured our services and evolved our platform too.

There are several types of Dialers available in the market:

Preview Dialer:

This dialer facilitates the agent to view and validate the necessary lead information before connecting. For instance, it provides a preview about the name, address, city, and state of a company. It may also include other details like a number of employees and company revenue before dialing the number. The system dials the call after the number is chosen, so the agent doesn’t have to dial through the keypad.

Auto Dialer:

It is an updated dialer software that automatically dials telephone numbers from the uploaded list. Once the phone is answered, it transfers the call to the agent. It does not detect whether the call is responded to through answering machine or human voice. SME’s use such Auto dialers when the end goal is mass outreaching, without bothering about the answering tools.

Predictive Dialer:

This is an intelligent dialer. It is an automated dialing system where the admin uploads the contact list and once the agent logs in, the calls are made. This Cloud Based Predictive Dialer, based on its prediction algorithm, predicts whether the human or answering machine answers the bells on the other side. Requests are only transferred to the agent when they are responded to by a human, when connected with the answering device, it can play a pre-recorded message or may hang up according to the default settings.

Progressive Dialer:

Progressive as the word states is a dialer where agent indicates his availability and hence dialer initiates the call from the database. The dialer is intelligent enough to terminate the call when detects busy signals, fax machine, or no answer and dials next number. Notably, it reduces the wait time between calls and increases the productivity of the agents.

Power Dialer:

This dialer not only triggers the productivity of the call ratio but also assures the fewer lead failing ratio. Thus, it dials one call at a time, so the transfer rate to the agent is constant.

Hence, a Dialer is an automated tool based on the cloud that dials the number automatically and leaves a pre-recorded message to the targeted audience. Excellent, your message is delivered!

Choose the Right Auto Dialer for your Campaign:

Considering various things for your campaign’s needs from 360° view, let us help you choose which one suits your campaign best with some tips.

What is your customer base?

To choose the right Auto Dialer, understanding the base of your business is a must. Whether it’s a small or large business, you need to define the requirements of the company and pick the right dialer. Generally, for tiny business Preview Dialer is considered the best choice.

What features you are seeking in a Dialer?

Picking the right dialer also needs one more understanding beforehand, i.e., features. What your campaign requires, directly affects the choice of dialer you pick. Remember, every problem has a solution. However, indeed, you must be choosing dialer with IVR feature which may allow your business to reach the next level.

Consider your business size to find the right solution

Initiation of the dialer deployment requires an extensive list of leads and some agents. If you do not have a dialer, and you lack the availability of employees, then you are wasting time and money. It would help if you tried to choose a solution according to the requirements of your business size.

Choose the one which seems easy

Why use technology when you don’t find it familiar, right? Choose the solution, which is easy to use, learn, and train. Obviously, it will be the last thing on earth to waste all your time to train employees about using it.

Pick the suitable customer service provider

Buying a home, requires first solving the mortgage issues, right? A great service provider will help you with a collaborative approach, from guidance and support before purchase and post-sale services. So, it’s better to understand the history of the company.

In Summary

There are many dialers available in the market, but choosing the right option for your campaign is the challenge. You must have got your answers about your campaign needs and business requirements, thus making a smart choice. Ding Dong, you have a lead to call, go So, for now, pick the dialer that suits your campaign, and throw a kick-ass after party, lol.



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