How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

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Why Work From Home?

Most people had thought in their mind sometimes, when working in the office that there should be a liberty of seating at multiple places than on your same everyday boring desk, work on a different time than routine time, taking breaks at their needed time rather than the time fixed by the management and so on. Now all these things are possible when you start working Remotely.

But the reality is when you start working from home, you come across the limitations of freedom too and start valuing your office environment. There are so many issues and reasons which can demotivate you while working at Home.

COVID-19 forcing for Working From Home Culture:

As of now, this COVID-19 has forced most of the workforce worldwide to work from home. Due to most of the companies looking for these work culture regularly along with it as a technique of cost-cutting different ways. But the biggest question against them is how to maintain and improve productivity in this working model, especially keeping employees motivated during working Remotely.

Even many of Employees are looking for how to stay motivated for work while being at home and working. Here are some tips to stay motivated for work also while working at home.

12 Tips to keep yourself Motivated during Work from Home:

1. Start your Day Early:

It’s an ancient and popular saying, “Early to bed and early to rise.” Waking up early is one of the best characteristics of a successful person. The environment you get in the early morning is so peaceful and full of nature to give you fresh energy to stay motivated. Also, if we look scientifically, early morning weather gives you more and pure Oxygen, which makes you feel fresh and good from a peaceful mind.

2. Give peace to your mind with Refreshing Exercise or Meditation:

It’s essential to stay Physically as well as Mentally fit while working from home. A person working alone gets frustrated or demotivated very soon than working with collogues and subordinates. Meditation and light Exercise always helps you stay Mentally and Physically fit. Give 15minutes to your Mind and Body out of your busy schedule.

3. Make a well designed and suitable Routine and stick to it:

Most people get frustrated and demotivated because they don’t know where to start with. They don’t even have a fixed time of doing daily activities. This can make a person lazy and invite procrastination as a habit. Instead of this haphazard work pattern, develop a well-designed and suitable routine that not only looks and sounds good but should be suitable and comfortable for you to keep you motivated and focus enough throughout the day.

4. Put on professional clothes:

Clothes are the Feeling generator for humans. Have you ever thought, why do we always have different outfits for every situation and activity? Have you ever imagined what would be your feeling if you wear a suit and tie while doing your daily work out? While playing games? While sleeping? Not at all comfortable feeling and doesn’t give you the feel of performing that task in an appropriate manner. Likewise, work also has proper clothes to be put on. So choose the clothes which you regularly wear to the office or which gives you some professional feeling while working from home and make it feel like an office.

5. Select an organized and less crowded seating arrangement:

Selecting a proper and orderly work desk which should be less crowded by family, children, and other distractions.

6. Keep all the distraction away from the work desk:

Keep all the distraction which you think distracts you more to feel like lazy or at home than you are at work. Even distractions can increase your work time as it results in higher time to finish the planned work and also effects your productivity.

7. Make Family understand about your work privacy and environment to maintain:

Before you start working from home, sit with your family, and discuss with them why you need to work from home and what kind of support you need from them, especially if you have children. They are the happiest person when parents are at home. But you need to make them understand that you are just at home but not out of work. You have to make clear about the rules to be followed to avoid distractions from them.

8. Start your work with Mind refreshing cup of Tea or Coffee:

A good cup of Tea or Coffee on your work desk is the best partner to start your work with, which keeps you refreshed. Try to have the same Tea or Coffee which you have while in office.

9. Have a habit of To-do list to avoid Panic closing of work:

The Biggest blunder of Working from home does not know what tasks you need to complete till day end. A To-Do List can be a savior in this situation. Always make a habit of having it on your desk. Put marks or strike out the things which are done so you can have an idea of how much work is pending in the remaining time. Ultimately it helps you to stay focused and practice time management.

10. Take regular but Small and Organized Breaks:

Breaks while working are very important, but that should not be frequent and unorganized. It would help if you had a short break at a regular interval, but that should be planned and organized. The time span of each break based on its reason should be fixed and strictly followed.

11. Be in Touch with your team and important clients through Video conferencing tools:

The feeling of loneliness is the biggest demotivator while working from home. Maintaining regular contact with your team is very important, whether it’s to discuss work, reporting, or to keep everybody in touch. But once or twice in a day, Video conferencing with a team using tools like google meet or Zoom is a must to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

12. Always end your day with Self-Assessment and Next day Work Plan:

Before ending your day, you must compare your work with the To-do list and check how much of your planned work is finished and the status of remaining work. This will help you to understand your productivity and your time management skills. You can find out the time you wasted on activities on the bad productivity day and wipe out those mistakes the next day.

Your day should end with a good focus on the next day’s work, which can also help you to stay motivated to start your work on time the next day. For that, start putting notes for future day work or prepare your next day’s To-do list well in advance at day end.

About Author: (Jay Thakkar)

Jay Thakkar is a backbone of LeadsRain, being a CEO and Co-founder, he has always proved to be the robust domain person. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality of his products and services like Cloud-based Predictive Dialer, Ringless Voicemail Drops & Voice Broadcasting. With more than a decade of his experience, he precisely stands up with unparalleled competency for his clients and people.



Jay T

Jay is a backbone of Leadsrain, being a CEO and co-founder, he has always proved to be the robust domain person. Being an integral part of the company.