Outbound Sales Dialer — A Power tool for Rainmakers

Jay T
3 min readDec 16, 2020


Good technology can increase your sales with effective automation. The human speed of cold calling has its limitations. But what if the sales automation tool can beat the human speed? Yes, it’s possible with an outbound sales dialer.

Sales reps do have many repetitive tasks such as cold calling, follow-ups, making notes after listening to prospects, preparing sales scripts, and many more. Every day the same repetitive tasks lead to less productivity and more waste of time. Most of the process of sales reps can be automatized with an auto dialer.

Ultimately the goal of sales reps would be lead conversion. Outbound sales dialer is one of the powerful tools for that.

What can outbound sales dialers do?

“Dial without actually dialing.”

A sales dialer dials a list of telephone numbers and connects answered calls to sales reps. It minimizes the time that agents spend waiting between the calls. It is basically an automated phone dialing system. For outbound calls, a predictive dialer is one of the best tools.

Benefits of having Outbound Sales Dialer

1 Time saver

The best part about using an outbound sales dialer is sales reps don’t have to spend their time manual dialing activity. The auto dialer does that for them. They will be connected to answered calls only. Predictive dialer helps them to save time, which can be used for more meaningful conversations with the leads.

2 Improve focus with notes

Every lead matters. When sales reps come across tons of information, simple notes can be a lifesaver for them. They can save details about the calls, leads requirement, and any other interesting points with an outbound sales dialer. Rather than rummaging for lead information in papers, they can directly check everything in the outbound sales dialer integrated with CRM. Sales reps can even record the calls for later purposes.

3 Consistency

When sales reps follow manual methods to keep track of every call, every lead, and every outcome — the productivity decreases drastically. It becomes hard for them to give a consistently good performance.

At this time, the outbound sales dialer comes at rescue. Notes, call recordings, analysis reports of the calls made and converted leads, and many more features help agents for sales acceleration.

4 Better conversion rate

A sales dialer automizes your cold calling process. Now you can make 1000 calls a day rather than making 50 to 100 calls a day. The conversion rate increases more than ever.

5 No complexity

A sales dialer is easy to implement. You don’t need to be a technical expert in utilizing sales dialer for your outbound campaign. Our LeadsRain support team offers a wonderful demo for using an outbound sales dialer. In no time, you will be able to run multiple campaigns.

6 More time, More leads

Think about it. With manual cold calling, how many calls can you make in an hour? The answer may vary. But with an outbound sales dialer, you can definitely make the most out of your working hours. As it helps to increase productivity by 200 to 300%

When sales reps get more time, they can work on more leads conversion. Apart from that, an auto dialer also helps to minimize idle time. With an auto dialer, you can manage multiple marketing campaigns.

7 Monitoring

Monitoring a large team of sales reps can be quite complex for the managers. With an outbound sales dialer, they can monitor the whole team easily. All kinds of reports can be generated — how many calls were made per day? How many attended? How many prospects have shown interest? What was the call duration, and how was the quality of the call?

You can monitor it all. With a sales dialer tool, you can easily measure sales reps performance. With the call whisper feature, you can guide your team also while they are on call with prospects.

9 Rise of remote working

In this unprecedented time, you must be experiencing the rise of remote working with a Cloud based sales dialer. You can work from anywhere around the world using cloud based dialers. Also, there is no need for a softphone. All you need is an internet, a good system, and a cup of coffee.

It’s high time to change the traditional outbound calling strategy. It’s time to optimize your customers’ journey with a predictive dialer. Whether you have a small team or a big team, an auto dialer can be one of the best outbound sales tools for you.



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